We specialize in all Baked goods and Candy containing Cannabis. We start with the highest quality bakery ingredients. Add partnerships with local dispensaries that have some of the most experienced cannabis growers on an exclusive basis to ensure that the Cannabis quality remains constant. This allows us to focus strictly on producing the Highest Quality, Best Tasting Edibles around. You will only find True Bakery Quality products here.

The following dispensaries carry “Gramps’ Gourmet Goodies” With many more soon to follow

In San Francisco Foggy Daze Delivery                        In Santa Cruz SurfCity Delivery

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Gramp’s Gourmet Goodies IS NOT, nor do we imply that we are a Dispensary. This page is informational only. We do not conduct business with individuals under any circumstance. We only conduct business with CA Dispensaries that operate in strict compliance with CA Prop 215, and Senate Bill 420.

CA, H&S Code 11362.5 and 11362.7-8.3 compliant

Helping medicinal marijuana patients live a less painful life